Holm Family Cookbook

Some eat to live, we live to eat!

Testing the Recipes

The 245 recipes in the cookbook needed to be tested, so we called upon friends, relatives, and co-workers, who in turn also volunteered their friends, relatives, and co-workers. The convenience of the internet allowed us to email the recipes across the United States to 70 people willing to take the time and to absorb the cost of testing the recipes. 

The recipe testers are not all seasoned cooks or homemakers, but men and women who are doctors, lawyers, nurses, electricians, teachers, students, IT managers, CFOs, politicians, hair stylists . . . and the list goes on. Some of the recipes required  resourcefulness and bravery on the part of the tester, such as finding a suitable substitute for a cheese unavailable in the tester's region and finding and killing a rattlesnake. Several of the testers were given recipes to test that included foods that they don't eat, but in a most cases the testers enjoyed the finished dish and have added the recipe to their collection.

We are truly thankful for the testers, for without their help, we would still be testing the recipes. 

The Testers: The Brave and the Bold

Maureen Abaray
Sue Ackerman
Kelly Albrecht
Tiffany Albrecht
Linda Andrade
Bobbie Baird
Ellen Bell
Kim Bonde
Kristin Boutte
Melanie Butler
Pat Byrne
Ken Calhoun
Laina Carter
Faye Cater
Lisa Cochrane
Suzanne Cofer
Dolores Connors
Amie & Chris Conrad
Earleen Cox
Rosemary Cunningham
Peter Davidow
Sandi Devin
Jane Drummond-Mullarkey
Josey Foscalina
Becky Foster
Mario Garcia
Steve Goodman
Kerry Griggs
Phyllis Hallam
Gary & Jeri Holm
Warren Howe
Eric Johnson
Joanne Kamp
Shelly Keith
Teri Lambert
Diane Long
Cindy Lotsey
Candace Machein
Lou Ann McCune
Nancy McKenzie
Mary McNeill
Sue Mears
Margot Meskin
Kimberly Moore
Bob Mueller
Paula Mueller
Robert Mukhar
Beverly Norleen
Melody O’Shea
Shelly Phillips
Carolyn Piazza
Judy Prima
Alison Raymond
Fran Rebello
Jane Robles
Judith Sanderson
Patty Shirley
Jackie Stefanski
Jamie South
Lori South
Terry Spraggins
Lillian Steinle
Polly Struthers
Teri Tith
Carleen Trites
Melinda Vargo
Brenda Vieux
Melanie Vieux
Raelene Vieux
Marv Viramontes
Janet Von Toussaint

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