Holm Family Cookbook

Some eat to live, we live to eat!

The Gals from the Circle H Meet Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond!

Wendy Howe, Merry Carter, Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, and Nancy Mueller

The Authors Booth at the California State Fair


Merry Carter at the author's booth at the California State Fair.



Authors Kate Perry, Veronica Wolff, Brenda Novak, and Wendy Howe at the author's booth.

Alameda County Fair Cooking Demonstration

Merry Carter manning the Holm Family Cookbook book signing booth at the fair.


Patsy Neely, Merry Carter, and Susie Calhoun demonstrating how to make raspberry trifle and cowboy beans at the fair and answering Courtney Townsend's questions.

Live Auction Item Bid Winners' Dinner

This lucky group of fun loving gals paid the highest price of all live auction items at the East Avenue Middle School Fundraiser. Their winning bid purchased a dinner for nine, cooked for them by the Holm Family.


Appearance on View From the Bay


Nancy Mueller, Spencer Christian, and Merry Carter in the kitchen on the set of View From the Bay.

The three Calhoun Sisters with Spencer Christian. 

Nancy Mueller and her nieces on the set. 


Left to Right: Tilli Calhoun, Nancy Mueller, Wendy Neely, Janet Von Toussaint, Spencer Christian, Susie Calhoun, Patsy Neely, Merry Carter, Whitney Carter 


Mother's Day Event at Alden Lane

Guests at the Mother's Day event at Alden Lane Nursery.


Nancy Mueller demonstrating how to make aebleskivers. Click here for our aebleskiver recipe.

Winner of the raspberry trifle dessert. Click here for the recipe.


Members of the Holm family at the Mother's day event.  Front: Tilli Calhoun, Nancy Mueller, Laina Carter. Back: Susie Calhoun, Patsy Neely, Merry Carter, Wendy Howe.

Book Lovers Bookstore Signing




Sacramento & Co. Television Appearance

Merry Carter, Sacramento & Co. co-host Guy Farris, and Wendy Howe.



Wendy Howe and Merry Carter on the set.



Wendy Howe in the kitchen on the set.



Wendy Howe, Sacramento & Co. hosts Melissa Crowley and Guy Farris, and Merry Carter on the set of Sacramento & Co.


Holm Family at Pleasanton Lit Girls Dinner

Poolside with the Pleasanton Lit Girls.


Good conversations. 


Tracy brought her own special mountain oyster recipe. 


It was a special evening.


Cookbook sales are steady at Alden Lane Nursery

Jackie Williams, owner of Alden Lane Nursery, with the cookbook.

KGO Dining Around with Gene Burns Appearance, March 7, 2009

Left to right: Susie Calhoun, Nancy Mueller, and Tilli Holm Calhoun in the KGO studio. 


Authors Nancy Mueller and Wendy Howe on the streets of San Francisco.


Wendy Howe, Joel Riddell (show producer), Susie Calhoun, and Nancy Mueller at the KGO station.



Gene Burns on the air. 

Tester Appreciation Night

Judith Sanderson is all smiles at the Tester Appreciation Night party.



Front: Tilli Holm Calhoun and Nancy Mueller, Back: Carol Salvin (book designer), Van Bagley (print broker)



Patsy Neely, Vanna Born, and Bobbie Baird testing the Irish Cream. 



Steve Goodman, Susie Calhoun, and Tom Concannon share a laugh.



Diane Long, Joanne Kamp, Patty Shirley, and Nancy Mueller testing the jello shooters.

Autographing the Books

Merry Carter and Wendy Howe autographing the books.



Nancy Mueller autographing the cookbooks. 

Cookbooks on a Slow Boat from China

The cookbooks in a shipping container aboard a cargo ship that took weeks to get to Oakland. 

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