Holm Family Cookbook

Some eat to live, we live to eat!

About the Authors / Publishers
Tilli Holm Calhoun

Merilyn “Tilli” Holm Calhoun

April 1, 1929  - May 13, 2012

Tilli and her twin, Frank Holm, were the eldest of Dick and Ione Holm’s five children. Blessed with an artistic ability and a love of history, Tilli melded both in the Holm Family Cookbook. As a child she was her grandmother’s shadow, spending many hours in the kitchen. Throughout her lifetime in Livermore, she was an active member of the Livermore Heritage Guild, the Livermore Art Association and the Livermore Cultural Arts Council. She was the mother of Susie Calhoun, Merry Calhoun Carter, Nancy Calhoun Mueller and grandmother to Laina and Whitney. Tilli and her husband Wayne enjoyed entertaining at their “Party Barn” in the Livermore Hills. Tilli died unexpectedly on Mothers Day 2012 due to complications from her 3-year battle with melanoma. Wear your sunscreen!


The Calhoun Sisters

Left to right: Merry Calhoun Carter, Susie Calhoun, and Nancy Calhoun Mueller

Susie Calhoun is the eldest daughter of “Tilli” and Wayne Calhoun. Through the years she has found a balance between being an educator and working with wine and homebrew at the Alameda County Fair. Currently she lives in the San Joaquin Valley with her husband Troy Bowers. She is known for her casual recipes and likes to provide a “good time” for her guests.

Merry Calhoun Carter
is the middle daughter of “Tilli” and Wayne Calhoun. Merry and her husband Darrell are the parents of Laina and Whitney. Merry is a group leader and the service manager for the service desk at a national laboratory. She is an active member of the Alameda County Cattlewomen and Sisters on the Fly, and when she is not busy with her daughters’ busy lives, she enjoys traveling, gardening, dutch oven cooking, and entertaining in style.

Nancy Calhoun Mueller
and her husband Bob live in the Livermore Hills near the Circle H Ranch. She is the youngest of Tilli and Wayne Calhoun’s daughters. Nancy has found her first employment “in town" (her previous positions were at wineries) at the Bankhead Performing Arts Theater where she is the marketing manager. She was the inspiration for the Holm Family Cookbook, which stemmed from her involvement in the publishing of the Livermore Valley Wine Growers cookbook. Nancy enjoys cooking and trying different recipes, helped Ione Holm entertain for many years, and is the entertainment coordinator at her parent’s “Party Barn.” 

Wendy Neely Howe

Wendy Neely Howe resides in Dick and Ione Holm’s final home in the Livermore Hills. Warren, her husband, helps Wendy prepare for the extended family gatherings held at their home. Wendy is employed by a design, display, and packaging company; where her job title changes according to the crisis. Wendy is an active member of the Alameda County Cattlewomen. Wendy’s favorite recipes have no more than five ingredients and she has the family’s Spritz Cookie recipe down to a science. 


Patsy Holm Neely

November 21, 1936 - July 17, 2014

Was the youngest of Dick and Ione Holm’s five children. After years of living in both Northern and Southern California, Patsy’s roots called her back to Livermore, where she was an active member of the Livermore – Amador Valley Garden Club and the Alameda County Cattlewomen. Patsy spent her summers in the pastry department at Wente Vineyards and the wine department at the Alameda County Fair. Patsy was the mother of Wendy Neely Howe and Lori Neely South, grandmother to Jamie and Jessica, and great-grandmother to five grandsons. The “Martha Stewart” of our family, Patsy paid attention to detail in both recipes and the presentation of a dish.


The cookbook has been published by a general partnership entitled, Circle H Cowgirl Press, that was formed by Susie Calhoun, Merry Calhoun Carter, Nancy Calhoun Mueller, and Wendy Neely Howe.


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