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Move Over Roach Coach, the Gourmet Food Truck is Here

Posted by holmfamilycookbook on May 18, 2011 at 1:43 AM

Cabana Dave's Gourmet Food Truck

There was a time not so long ago when the only food vending trucks you saw on the road were the less-than-hygienic food trucks, also known as roach coaches, frequenting construction sites, warehouses, and other places blue collar workers are employed. The roach coach would usually announce its arrival by honking a horn that played La Cucaracha or some other loud noise that could clearly be heard through concrete walls or over the din of a jack hammer. Several years ago while I was between careers, I had a factory type job and the tune of La Cucaracha would beckon us outside during our mid-morning break so we could buy our lunch of a microwave burrito, a sandwich with American Cheese on gooey white bread, or tub of cottage cheese.

Trending today are gourmet food trucks serving high-end food prepared by culinary school trained chefs. The trucks don't cater to the blue collar worker, but to people from all walks of life and they are turning up in towns and cities across America.

Unlike the roach coach, the gourmet food trucks don't have a route that they follow each day--the gourmet food trucks turn up in different locations with the location being tweeted to the followers and posted on Facebook. There are websites that post the food truck tweets, so that you can follow all of your favorite trucks in the same page. The people that follow the trucks call it "chasing."

Food truck tweets on the Find LA Food Truck Website

There is a huge variety of types of food being sold from the gourmet food trucks. Just a few examples include American BBQ, Thai, cupcakes, Caribbean, Indian, Creole, Chinese, pizza, ice cream, and empanadas.

Food truck festivals are also a trend and are events where dozens of gourmet food trucks assemble for foodies to try their fare. The planner of a food truck festival that was held in San Jose last month expected a crowd of 4,000 foodies, instead 10,000 showed up to eat, which caused long lines and the unprepared trucks to run out of food.

My hometown of Livermore now has Cabana Dave's gourmet food truck working the streets. Dave Victor, owner of the Cabana Dave's gourmet truck, has been a restauranteur and caterer of the Oakland Raiders professional football team and weddings in the Livermore Valley--he can now add vending truck proprietor to his resume.

Cabana Dave's drew quite a lunch crowd on a Monday afternoon at Concannon Vineyards in Livermore

Cabana Dave's truck was recently at Concannon Vineyards winery on a workday, so some of my work buddies and I stopped by for lunch. On the menu this day were pulled pork sandwiches, jerk chicken wraps, hamburgers, spring salad, and sweet potato fries. The pulled pork sandwich and sweet potato fries that I ordered sure hit the spot and were so much more appetizing and better tasting than the food I used to purchase from the roach coach.

Pulled pork sandwich and sweet potato fries

I think I like this trend. Move over roach coach and let the gourmet food truck by!


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